Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Freelance Graphic Designer

Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Freelance Graphic Designer

1. Cost Saving/Return on investment

I have a client who had 3 different staff members working on the business designs—none of which are professional designers—in various programs. As you can imagine all of the designs looked completely different, so there was no brand consistency.

You may think you are saving money getting various staff members to do your design. When you consider how many hours it may take them, you may actually be paying more than you would by hiring a freelance graphic designer.

Freelance graphic designers are also not salaried employees this means you save on paying taxes as well as vacation and benefits.

We also have lower overhead than large design firms allowing us to create comparable work for a lower cost. You also only pay for the services that you need, when you actually need them.

2. Quality

Freelance graphic designers work is a direct reflection on them. We want to produce the very best work we are capable of producing.

You will also be working directly with the designer cutting out the middleman or account manager like working with an agency.

You will get the expertise of a designer with decades of experience working directly on your design project as appose to having it passed down to a junior designer.

3. Efficiency

You do not have to deal with your account manager you are in direct contact with the actual designer working on your creative project. This saves time, money and frustration on both sides. Communication does not get lost in translation.

4. Priority

You are a freelance graphic designer's most important client. We are not juggling thousands of clients but work with only a select client list, making you our priority.

We generally only work on a few projects at a time which means we are focused only on yours.

5. Flexibility

Freelance Graphic designers are able to work flexible hours. This is really helpful to a business owner when they have an urgent or rush job, we are able to move our schedule around to accomadate these request.

We are often able to produce work in a shorter period of time and are more willing to work evening and weekends to get your project ready for that business meeting or trade show.

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