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Phone: (902) 210-7071

Office: 1505 Barrington St, 7th Floor
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Skype: ldredden


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Are you booking new design clients?
Yes! Please connect with me through the contact form to the right. I'm excited to work with you!

How long will my project take?
Projects will be completed on a specific timeline, typically between 2-5 weeks, after proposal has been signed and 50% deposit has been made.

Do you offer a la carte options for brand and website design?
Yes! Please contact me with your project inquiry. 

Do you work with any website platforms other than Squarespace?
Unfortunately, I only offer Squarespace design services at the moment. I prefer this platform and suggest it to each of my clients.

Could you transfer my website to Squarespace?
Definitely! You can transferring your existing sites content from your old site to Squarespace.

When can you start on my project?
Projects are started on as a first come first serve basis. Please contact me as soon as possible, to book your spot.